Ost is the Ethereum Application Layer

Ost technology enables developers to seamlessly embed Ethereum wallets into mainstream applications to benefit from zero-fee micro-transactions. Learn how apps like Pepo use Ost to deliver a blazing fast and gorgeous user experience.

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Launch your own layer-2 Ethereum-based in-app currency in minutes and embed it into your app. Ost tech is live and ready to use today.

Developers First

Easily integrate into existing apps with unified APIs and SDKs. No blockchain experience required.

Regulatory Compliant

Apps built with Ost are designed for compliance. Pepo by Ost is the 1st blockchain-powered app approved by Apple and Google for in-app purchase and cash out options. No additional licenses needed.

Apps Built with the Ost Wallet SDK

—Live on Ethereum—

Pepo Icon

Meet the people shaping the crypto movement

Pepo Icon

Meet the people shaping the crypto movement

Pepo demonstrates crypto UX can be gorgeous. Ost technology makes Pepo so fast and easy to use you’ll re-imagine what’s possible for crypto apps.

Pepo is the first blockchain-powered app approved by Apple and Google with in-app purchase and cash-out options. Download Pepo today and see for yourself!

" Pepo shows that blockchain is ready for primetime. "

- Decrypt.co

Unique Features of Ost Technology

Free sandbox environment

Start building in our Sandbox/Testnet environment and move to Production/Mainnet when ready to launch to end users


Users own their private keys and have full control over their funds. If they lose a device, users can recover their wallet with just a 6-digit PIN. Learn how this works.

Scalable, low-cost transactions

Run hundreds of transactions per second at near-zero cost on layer-2 Ethereum blockchains. All transactions finalized to Ethereum layer-1.

Seamless user experience

There's no need for external wallets and confusing pop-ups. Ost Wallet makes it simple to onboard new and existing users and to integrate tokens into your existing application.

More Use Cases Made Possible with Ost Technology

More Use Cases Made Possible with Ost Technology

Developers First

Seamlessly integrate our server-side and mobile wallet SDKs into your application. Our Wallet SDKs include user interface components and views to make integration fast and easy.

OST - No In-House 
Blockchain Code Required
Server SDKs

Server-side SDKs (in Java, Node.js, PHP, and Ruby) that allow you to retrieve token details, register users, and distribute tokens to your users.

Wallet SDKs

Wallet SDKs (in Android, iOS, and React Native) that enable your end-users to hold tokens in non-custodial wallets and to send and receive tokens. Your users can also authorise multiple devices, purchase tokens in-app and cash-out.


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